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The worst that could happen…

I keep telling myself that if you question the fates, they just may answer.

  • I wish I took the advice that I provided.

The other afternoon I asked what was the worst that could happen? The fates absolutely answered me. I was at work when the a/c went down. They told us the Heating and A/C supplier was on the way, but they didn’t show up while I was on shift. I sat at our desk, with sweat rolling down our back and feeling like I was toiling in a sauna. When I left work, I hopped into the car, reached over to turn on the a/c and it didn’t turn on. The entire Heating and A/C plan in the vehicle had quit toiling. I figured it may be just a fuse, even though I didn’t suppose how to repair it. I decided to just go home. By the time I got home, I had a headache from the heat and all I wanted was a cool shower. I undressed as I walked through the house. I had the water turned on and I was getting ready to get into the shower when I realized I couldn’t hear the a/c running. I thought I was hot because of being hot from work. I got our shower and called the Heating and A/C corporation. They asked me if I had checked to make sure the breaker hadn’t been flipped. All of us had a thunder shower while I was at work. The power had gone off for a couple of minutes. When I checked the breaker, I found the Heating and A/C worker was right. I flipped the breaker switch and heard our a/c unit turn on. I will never ask what is the worst that can happen?



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