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It is difficult to get things done without air conditioner in our house

It is difficult to get things done without air conditioner in our house; I have been without air conditioner for over more than one weeks now, and I am not liking it at all.

I hate how warm it gets in our house, and it is only the start of June. I wish that it was not so warm outside already! We have had temperatures in the nineties already, and I can only imagine how warm it is going to get later on. I undoubtedly hope that I can somehow save up the money to get our air conditioner fixed. I don’t even suppose what is wrong with it. I have absolutely little experience when it comes to Heating & Air Conditioning work, and I hate it. If it was plumbing or electrical work, I would be good fixing it on our own. I just don’t suppose enough about Heating & Air Conditioning work to fix our air conditioner on our own, then hopefully, I can find an Heating & Air Conditioning business that won’t charge our outrageous prices to fix our air conditioner. I only had trouble with our air conditioner one other time in our life, and it turned out to be a leak. It was leaking coolant, so the Heating & Air Conditioning business sealed it and filled it back up with coolant. I could not guess how much they charged myself and others for that. It was ridiculous; That expenreice makes myself and others scared to hire another Heating & Air Conditioning business to fix our air conditioner; My friend told myself and others of a small Heating & Air Conditioning business that seems to set reasonable prices for their services. I hope that I can hire that business to come and fix our air conditioner. I don’t suppose how much longer I can live without it.


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