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Emergency boiler rental rates are out of this world

I was forced to rent an emergency steam boiler last week, when the one in our building stopped working.

We use a steam boiler for many different applications, including heating the building and running some of the production equipment. When the steam boiler stopped heating, we could no longer work in the building. The outdoor temperatures were in the teens and we had a fresh coat of ice and snow on the ground. To make matters worse, the steam boiler is necessary to run our factory. When the steam boiler stopped working, none of my regular mechanics could get it to run. We had to call a specialist the next day. We missed a whole shift of production due to the loss of the steam boiler. I was afraid we would miss several days of production, and I didn’t want that to happen. The next morning, I decided to call a steam boiler rental company. They had more options than knowledge, so I was basically on my own. I called a few more places until I found someone that could help. I finally found an emergency boiler rental company close to me. They had several different options that fit my needs. They delivered a portable boiler to the business, but the rental rates were out of this world. Thankfully the specialist fixed our steam boiler before we had to pay a heap of money in rental fees. We only had the rental boiler for a few days before we shipped it back to the company. They immediately released our security deposit and the remainder of our balance.
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