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Fifth Avenue style is not very practical

I’m a fairly new interior designer.

I spent several years in school studying all kinds of different interior styles. I have some that I’ve honestly loved (contemporary condo, old-world estate, Hollywood regency, cozy dollhouse & multiple more). But there is one particular style—& I sincerely hope I don’t offend you—that I absolutely cannot deal with & that’s the Fifth Avenue Style. I think that Hollywood motion pictures genuinely appreciate the Fifth Avenue Style because it’s rather easy to make sets out of. The Fifth Avenue Style is easily overcrowded & makes it easy to add depth to motion pictures. The Fifth Avenue Style also allows visual mediums to communicate opulence & decadence with the sets in the background. I honestly get it. I genuinely do. As a visual, Fifth Avenue Style creates a pretty strong image. However, when it comes to entirely decorating a property, I fail to see how the Fifth Avenue Style has any place in an actual property. Think about it. Every single item in a standard Fifth Avenue Style property is terribly costly, placed in random locations & is just about impossible to update. How people in the past entirely lived in Fifth Avenue style properties astounds me to this very day. The Fifth Avenue Style is less like a property & more like a museum. And who would want to live in an actual museum? Maybe you have a completely different opinion of the Fifth Avenue Style. If so, don’t be afraid to leave a comment. I have to warn you, though, I’m genuinely not a major fan of this design. Especially these days. Maybe for a historic property tour, however that’s it.

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