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I don’t trust HVAC technicians anymore

I really do not trust HVAC technicians anymore after what the HVAC technician just did at my house.

Now, I definitely know that the HVAC technician was charging me for repairs that my HVAC units did not need.

It is a common accusation against HVAC companies that they charge people for repairs that they do not need. Most of the time, your HVAC unit may have problems that could be fixed now but could be put off for a little bit of time. When you invite an HVAC technician to your house to fix your HVAC unit, you always know that there is a chance that they could overcharge you by fixing things that are not necessary. Since you probably do not know a lot about HVAC units, you couldn’t say for sure that it didn’t need to be replaced. However, when the HVAC technician charged me a ton of money for a central air conditioner that I thought was in good condition, I decided to call my father. My father is not an HVAC technician, but he knows enough about them to know about fair pricing. When my father looked at the bill that the HVAC technician gave me, he was angry. The HVAC technician listed parts that were replaced that didn’t even exist on my HVAC unit. Also, the HVAC technician was charging 10x the price for parts that he was putting on my HVAC unit. I called my HVAC technician, and he seemed very embarrassed. He wouldn’t give me a refund for the HVAC repair, but I didn’t care. I won’t ever hire that HVAC technician again, and now, I am not sure if I can ever trust any HVAC technician again.

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