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Looking for a dog bite lawyer

There is nothing you could do to get me to move away from the countryside of Michigan.

The violet hues on the flowers each spring paint a pretty backdrop to the landscape that stretches in every area.

I like going to the water & taking a swim or throwing out a line to catch a bass or trout. Although my kids are still too young to swim alone, my wife and I still take them out with us & let them play in the water with life preservers on. Although the winters are cold & unrelenting, there is a sweeter side of Michigan that is revealed when life begins fresh each year following the Springtime season. Since every one of us lives so far out of the city, we’re fortunate to be away from all of our neighbors. My family and I have a sense of peace & solitude that few ever experience in life, regardless of whatever country or neighborhood they live in. Even with all of these elements, I still had to take my child to the emergency room yesterday after getting bitten by the neighbor’s dog. We were all out in the front yard just an hour before the sun was going to set. I heard barking & the sound of a dog running at a fast clip in our direction. The dog lunged for my child & I had to hit it with a bat to save my daughter’s life. My husband caught the entire event on film, but the neighbor still insists he can press charges for his dog’s minor injuries. Even after showing him my daughter’s fear & indicating that we have a video, he wouldn’t relent. I need to find a personal injury lawyer for dog bites but there are none in this part of Michigan.

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