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My grandfather was the best HVAC technician

I honestly believe that my grandfather was the best HVAC technician that the world has ever seen.

However, my grandfather came from very humble beginnings.

My grandfather grew up during the Great Depression, and things were very tight for his family. They struggled financially for everything, and they could barely afford to put food on the table. My grandfather loved going to school, but after his father died, he had to figure out how to make money without a highschool diploma. That is when my grandfather met an HVAC technician that was willing to teach him all that he knew about HVAC units. My grandfather was offered free training as an HVAC technician as long as he agreed to stay with the HVAC company. My grandfather agreed, and he became an HVAC technician. Eventually, my grandfather would learn all there was to know about HVAC units, and he started one of the largest HVAC companies in the country. Even though he was in charge of this large HVAC company, he still loved doing the service calls for the HVAC company because he loved what he did. Even after he retired, my grandfather would travel around and fix the HVAC units of all his friends and family. I am an HVAC technician because I was inspired by my grandfather, and I hope to be half as good at fixing HVAC units as he was. Even if the world doesn’t know him, I know that he was the best HVAC technician ever, and he cared for the people that he served at the HVAC company.

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