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My neighbor benefits from my heating system

My neighbor always benefits from my heating system, but I honestly am not mad about it.

  • I know that my neighbor is poor, and if my heating system is helping him, I honestly do not mind.

It isn’t like there is anything that I can do about the heating system situation. I live in an apartment building. I am on the first floor, and my neighbor is directly above me. I live in a colder state, and I practically only survive because I have a great furnace in my house. I use the furnace often because I like the temperatures to be warm in my house. However, recently, I discovered that my neighbor hardly ever turns his furnace one. He doesn’t even have to turn his furnace on since he is directly above me. Apparently, there is not a lot of insulation between our apartments, so any heat that I generate in my apartment from the furnace rises up and heats his apartment as well. Obviously, I don’t pay to keep his apartment very warm, but with moderate use of his furnace, he can stay warm because of my furnace. At first, I was upset. I wished that I could live in the upstairs apartment so hot I could save money by not having to use my furnace. However, I realized that I was being very selfish about my furnace. I know that I have more money than my neighbor, and I can afford to use my furnace for how I want to. If I can be a blessing by allowing him to use my heat, I will. It isn’t like I can control it. I can’t add insulation, and it isn’t his fault that my furnace heats his apartment too.

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