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The police misconduct has me afraid to drive now

I have a slight case of PTSD from an experience I had last season when I was pulled over for a busted light.

It was the middle of the night & I was just trying to get back home after a long shift at the bar on the other side of town.

I was obeying all traffic rules but didn’t realize that I had a light out. The blue lights started flashing in my rear view mirror, I instantly hit my brake pedal & started pulling onto the side of the road. But when I went to hand the sherrif my license & vehicle registration, he ordered me out of my vehicle & told me to put my face on the ground. As I was pinned to the ground with a gun at my head by the first officer, the second got out of the car & started rifling through my vehicle. They accused me of driving drugs while I sobbed & pleaded with them that they had the wrong guy. I had no drugs or anything incriminating on me; in fact, the entire incident was a result of mistaken identity because of racial profiling on their part. When they realized they had the wrong guy, they acted as if nothing was wrong & left the scene while I was still on the ground crying. I looked all over Detroit to find an attorney who would take my case and fight against the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office regarding this flagrant issue of police misconduct & brutality. I still think about the incident on a week to week basis. I get upset when I’m in my vehicle at night & wonder if I’ll get pulled over again for something so small & then get pushed to the ground at gunpoint.



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