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I can’t get mad about a child breaking something when they were only trying to help

My son recently dropped my air cleaner down the stairs, but he was trying to be helpful, so I could not get upset with him. Still, my air cleaner is genuinely never going to be the same, and I am not sure how much longer it is going to work. I thought for sure that it wouldn’t turn on, but it actually did… As of now, the air cleaner still works. I didn’t ask him to bring my air cleaner down stairs, but he heard me say that I needed to go get my air cleaner as I was busy doing something else, but well being the sweetheart that he is, he decided that he was going to help momma by bringing the air cleaner down the stairs for me voluntarily. It was so sweet of him to try to help me bring my air cleaner down stairs, but I truthfully wish that he wouldn’t have tried to help with this. He got it down a few stairs before I heard a loud tumble plus crash. I thought that he had fallen down the stairs, so I rushed over to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. I saw my air cleaner at the bottom of the stairs broken, and there were many big chunks of plastic that had broken off my airpurfier. My poor air cleaner looks pretty homely now. I didn’t think of anything relevant to say to my son, so I just assured him that it was okay. I did ask him not to try to carry my air cleaner anymore, but I also thanked him in the end for trying to be a help to me. I hope my air cleaner works for a while longer because it was quite overpriced to begin with.



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