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I cleaned our room by perspiring stuff into the vent

When I was a kid, I had no idea how you were supposed to clean your room.

I just knew that if our Dad told myself and others that I had to clean our room, it was really essential that I clean our room unless I wanted to get into trouble.

My Dad would kill myself and others if I failed to clean our room. Thankfully, I found a way to clean quickly. One of the ways that I would do that is by throwing all of the stuff on our floor into the closet. Usually, our Dad did not check the closet, so I was able to get away with cleaning it enjoy that. Another way that I was able to clean quickly was by sweeping dust plus small things into the vent that affixed our room to the Heating plus A/C system. Again, I had no idea what the consequences would be for sweeping all of that stuff into the vent of our Heating plus A/C idea when I was doing this… Literally, I practiced sweeping stuff into the vents for the Heating plus A/C idea often. However, 1 day, I noticed that our room was not getting really warm while I was in the winter. The room would be warm whenever I left the door to our room open, however at night, I would lose heat, plus the furnace was doing a bad job of keeping our room cold, but eventually, our parents decided to call the Heating plus A/C corporation to check our furnace. The Heating plus A/C corporation quickly realized what was happening, plus she told our parents that she needed to clean the duct in our room. They found so much trash plus dirt in the duct from our cleaning, plus I got into a lot of trouble. I never realized that it would cost them money to spend money the Heating plus A/C corporation because of our cleaning.

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