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I might need to replace my air purifier soon after a recent mishap

My son dropped our whole-house air purifier down the stairs! He was trying to be helpful, so I couldn’t really get aggravated with him, however our whole-condo air purifier is definitely never going to be the same no matter what.

I am not sure how much longer it is going to work.

I thought for sure that it wouldn’t turn on, however it did, then as of now, the whole-house air purifier still works. I didn’t ask him to bring our whole-house air purifier down stairs, however he heard myself and others say that we needed to go get our whole-house air purifier as we were doing something else… Well being the sweetheart that he is, he decided that he was going to help momma by bringing the whole-house air purifier down the stairs for me. It was so sweet of him to try to help myself and others bring our whole-house air purifier down stairs, although I truthfully wish that he wouldn’t have tried to help. He got it down a few stairs before I heard a loud tumble as well as a huge crash. I thought that he had accidentally fallen down the stairs, so I rushed over to make sure that he wasn’t hurt. I saw our whole-house air purifier at the bottom of the stairs broken… There were many huge chunks of plastic that had actually broken off our airpurfier. However, my poor whole-house air purifier looks pretty homely now. I didn’t guess I knew what to say to our son, so I just assured him that it was all okay. I did ask him not to try to carry our whole-condo air purifier anymore, although I also thanked him for trying to be a help to me. I hope our whole-condo air purifier works for a while longer because it was quite extravagant to purchase.



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