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The humidifier in my bedroom stopped working

Having a humidifier also helped my dry skin

The humidifier in my bedroom stopped working. I was not expecting it to stop working already. I mean I did get the humidifier from a second hand store, so I was not even sure if it would work. Once I took it home and realized that it did work, I was expecting it to work for awhile because it looked brand new. Well, I have only had the humidifier for about three weeks, and I went to fill it with water this morning, and it wasn’t working. I tried to unplug the humidifier and plug it back in to see if that would work, but it didn’t. I tried messing with all of the settings on the humidifier, but nothing worked. It wouldn’t even turn on. I knew that my humidifier was done for. I am going to have to get a new humidifier because I really enjoyed having a humidifier in my house. I had never had a humidifier before that one. The only reason that I got it was because I heard a friend say something about how much she loved her humidifier. I saw that humidifier at the thrift store, and I decided to get it to see if it would work. I am so glad that I decided to try it because it did work. I loved my humidifier so much. It really helped with my stuffy nose issues that I was having. Having a humidifier also helped my dry skin. I hope that I can find a new humidifier for a good price. I know that I probably won’t find another humidifier at the only second hand store in my area, but I hope that I can find a cheap new one.
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