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I ended up taking my mother to the hospital because she didn’t seem to be well

When I went to visit with my mother, she wasn’t looking so well. She also had the temperature control setting at 78 degrees in the midst of the summer, and that was concerning to me. She said she was just trying to save money on the energy bills, but it seemed like she was shivering. I thought it was severely overheated in her home, but her appearing to be so cold worried me. I told her I wanted to take her to the hospital. She really didn’t want to go, and she said how they always kept the A/C system up way too high at the hospital. She was right about that, their temperature control settings at the hospital are ridiculous, but I was more worried about her health than anything. So I convinced her to finally come to the hospital. The doctors checked her out and they ended up saying that she was dehydrated. She just had to take in more fluids and keep an eye on what she was eating. They also had her take this medicine to help with her blood circulation, because that seemed to be an issue as well. She was complaining the whole time about how freezing it was in the hospital, but she was thankful when we were able to get out of there. I kept making sure that she was drinking her water and keeping hydrated when I was visiting with her. Later on she was starting to feel better, and she finally adjusted her temperature control settings to get the A/C working. This was a good sign and made me feel better about her.


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