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My son loves his air conditioner

My son loves his air conditioner.

I really wanted to get my son a new air conditioner because he is really loud.

It is probably the oldest air conditioner that we have. It is almost fifteen years old. I thought that it would be nice for my son to have a new air conditioner, but he didn’t think the same way. I actually bought him a new air conditioner as one of his birthday presents. It wasn’t like his main birthday present or anything like that. It was sort of just an extra gift from mommy and daddy. I thought that he would be more than thrilled to get a new air conditioner, but he was not as thrilled as I thought he would be. I was actually very surprised by the fact that he didn’t want a new air conditioner. He opened it up, and he saw that it was an air conditioner, and he asked why we got him an air conditioner when he already had one. I tried to explain to him that it was a new air conditioner for his room since his old one made a lot of noise, but he was so sad that he started crying. He said that he didn’t want a new air conditioner. He loved his old air conditioner. I felt really bad at that point, so I told him that he could go ahead and keep his old air conditioner if he wanted to. He decided to keep his old air conditioner, so my husband and I put the new air conditioner in our bedroom.



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