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Friend always one-ups me; mini split versus zone controlled

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just not cut out to interact with other humans.

I am definitely a bit of a difficult human being and I feel like I tend to rub people the wrong way.

However, at least it’s completely accidental on my part. I don’t try to turn anybody off with my abrasive personality. I don’t know if the same can be said for a lot of the humans that I know. Specifically, I have one friend who is more of a frenemy than anything else. No matter what is happening in my life, something better is happening in his. And this trend goes all the way down to our central indoor air quality control equipment. Recently, I was very proud to have personally installed a mini split ductless heating and cooling system in my house. I grew tired of utilizing the entire central heating and cooling system during the day when I was the only one who could enjoy the high-quality indoor air that I was paying for. Clearly, I did not need to pump an entire house full of expensive and decontaminated air from my central HVAC system. I decided to replace the central HVAC units with a mini split ductless heating and cooling system in my office. And, to be fair, I was very proud that I was able to DIY install this air handling device. Unfortunately, when I mentioned my recent HVAC achievement to my friend he took the opportunity to tell me about something much better. His brand-new zone controlled heating and cooling system. Well, forget about my mini split ductless system… I guess you win this one sided competition.

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