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So ready

I am the first woman to tell you that relationships are extremely complicated.

I have never had an easy partnership in our entire life. It feels appreciate our brain gets completely consumed by other humans. I cannot stop worrying about them, wishing that they were with me, plus trying to come up with ways to make their lives better. This is why I was reluctant when our bestie asked me to transport in with him. I was afraid that our life would functionally stop. I never once considered our indoor air handling devices being a major issue though. It turns out, I am as obsessed with indoor air temperature control as our significant other. There is not a single morning that I don’t guess about our indoor air quality plus air Temperature control needs. This is largely because I am regularly chilly cold; Even in the middle of Summer I can be covered in Goosebumps plus retreating to our warm bed. This is especially tploy now that I live with somebody who really enjoys to use her central air conditioner unit. Every morning when I wake up it feels appreciate I am being blasted by an arctic tundra. The air conditioner units that repair is our modern home is way too powerful for our own indoor air temperature preferences. However, our bestie is obsessed with her amazing cooling plan plus I care too much about him to complain about the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C settings. Right now, I am just looking forward to the Fall season, when every one of us will finally utilize the furnace instead of the A/C unit. I am exhausted of worrying about our bestie, our indoor air temperature, plus the closet of warm clothes that I now wear year-round.


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