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Customer rating system – not doing well

The results have not been glowing.

When the indoor air quality control dealership that I work at first opened, I think that they had a good idea of when it came to hiring new HVAC technicians. They wanted to scout the most recent heating, cooling, and air quality control technicians to graduate from the local heating and cooling repair school. They decided it was a good idea to hire the young air quality control technicians directly out of their heating and cooling certification programs so that they could save money on hourly wages for the HVAC professionals. This wasn’t a bad plan… But they wound up with a lot of amateur air quality control technicians who were not extremely reliable or knowledgeable when it came to air handling devices. Furthermore, the new heating and cooling technicians generally lacked finesse when it came to interacting with the owners of the heating, cooling, and ventilation devices. We had so many customer complaints at the heating and cooling company that eventually they started using a customer rating system to track the performance of each amateur heating and cooling repairman. Unfortunately… The results have not been glowing. Most of the indoor air handling workers are receiving 1 and 2 star ratings after their air conditioning and furnace repair appointments. Our clients are regularly disappointed with the HVAC knowledge and general personability of our heating and cooling techs. At this point, all of them are at risk of being fired for low performance. I guess we can just rehire new heating, cooling, and air quality control system techs following the next graduation.


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