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Morning regrets – hit on my HVAC tech

Do you ever wake up after a night out on the town and absolutely fear your actions the night before? I do…


I have a bad habit of drinking too much and making a fool of myself in public. To make matters even worse, my brain does not erase the humiliating memories. In fact, it likes to remind me of what an idiot I was in public over and over again. This is why I am spending the morning banging my head against the wall and wishing that I could go back in time to undo my mistakes. Specifically, I would like to call my heating, cooling, and air quality control technician and apologize before our indoor air handling device repair relationship is ruined. You see, about two years ago I hired a local heating and cooling repair shop for a full air conditioning system replacement. The HVAC technician who assisted me with choosing my new cooling system and arranging the HVAC installation was a very pretty young girl who knew a lot about indoor air handling devices. For the next two years we worked together regularly to keep my indoor air temperature control system in excellent working order. I can admit, I always thought that the HVAC tech was attractive. However, I never said a single thing to her outside of our indoor air temperature control business. That is… Until last night. Apparently I decided to professed my feelings to the heating and cooling technician after a few too many shots. Now I’m worried that I’ll never be able to look at my air quality control specialist in her beautiful eyes again.

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