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I had no idea the value of the desk in the garage

A little while ago, my Grandparents passed away plus they left all of their possessions to my sister plus I.

We sincerely expected our parents to get the residence plus the farm, however our Grandparents left everything to us instead.

We were abruptly charged with a tremendous amount of responsibility. The two of us didn’t actually wish to live in the residence until some repairs could be done! In order to make the repairs, the residence had to be cleaned from the top to the bottom. My Grandparents had a huge amount of items in their residence. Some people would likely say they were hoarders, however I know my Grandparents appreciated collecting things. It took approximately two weeks to clean everything out of the residence. Some of the items went to a thrift store plus the people I was with and I had a yard sale on the property as well! When it came time to clean out the shed plus the garage, my sister plus I were severely overwhelmed. The building was easily filled with items from the top to the bottom. The two of us made the move to have an open garage sale plus the two of us told people to make an offer on whatever they wanted in the garage. Eventually a collector saw a desk in the back area of the garage plus he wanted to learn if we had more information about that excellent piece of furniture. My sister plus I did not have any information about the oak desk in the slightest. The two of us managed to find a letter in the corner of the desk plus the date was 1903. The collector told my sister plus I that the antique desk was worth a huge amount of money, and he told us not to sell the desk without consulting with an antique company first.


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