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Somebody let us know the antique desk was worth a small fortune

A few weeks back, my Grandparents passed away plus they left all of their property to my sibling plus I. The two of us honestly expected our parents to get the dwelling plus the farm, but our Grandparents left everything to us. My sibling plus I were abruptly charged with a huge amount of responsibility. The two of us did not have the desire to live in the dwelling until some repairs could be handled. In order to make the repairs, the dwelling had to be cleaned from the top to the bottom. My Grandparents had a great deal of items in their home, and some people would say they were hoarders. I personally think our Grandparents preferred collecting things. It took a couple of weeks to easily clean everything out of the dwelling. Some of the items went to a thrift store plus the two of us had a yard sale on the property also… When it came time to actually clean out the shed plus the garage, my sibling plus I were severely overwhelmed! The building was completely filled with items from the top to the bottom. The two of us made the choice to have an open garage sale plus the two of us told people to make an offer on anything in the garage… A collector saw a desk in the midst of the garage plus he had the desire to know if the two of us had more information about that particular piece of furniture. My sibling plus I did not know anything about the oak desk. The two of us managed to discover a letter in the corner of the desk plus the date was 1903. The collector told my sibling plus I that the antique desk was easily worth multiple thousands of dollars. He advised that we not sell the desk without consulting with an antique company first.


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