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I hope the gym will replace their AC

I’m not the sort of person who enjoys to change our routine entirely much, then i settle into something that works for myself and others and I want to stick with it for as long as I can; That’s why, I have been driving the same car for 20 years, wearing the same shirts for 10, and living in the same city for our entire life.

  • That’s also why I refuse to change gyms even though the one that I correctly attend has been suffering from subpar indoor air pollen levels conditions for quite some time now.

I first joined the gym back in 1986 when I wanted to lose a little bit of weight, then at that time, the indoor air handling plan seemed perfect to me. They had adequate air conditioning blasting in from every air vents and a few industrial fans set up in the corners of the gym. I never felt love I was overheating or suffocating when I was working out back in the afternoon. I wish that I could say the same thing about their air handling control devices in the present. These afternoons, I can’t lift a single weight without feeling love I can’t breathe. The indoor air is so tepid and humid that I might as well be kneeling outside in the Summer sun. The locker rooms are filled with mildew and mold because there has no humidity control around the steamy showers. The air vents seem to be clogged with debris, so you can’t find a refreshing breeze no matter where you rest in the gym. I entirely don’t want to have to find a new place to labor out, even though I believe love I have outgrown this 35 year seasoned Heating in addition to A/C system.

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