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How do people live without heating systems

I don’t understand how people live without heating systems.

Thankfully, there is only a small group of people that don’t have heating systems.

For instance, I recently discovered that one of my neighbors and close friends don’t have a heating system. Now, I may not live in the deepest part of the North, but it gets below freezing where we are, and I would never want to live here without a heating system. Well, one day, while I went to drop off something at his house, he invited me in. It was the middle of winter, and I expected to be able to walk into a warm house. Sure, the temperature of the house was warmer than the outside, but it was still cold enough that I wouldn’t have wanted to take off my coat. My neighbor told me that he doesn’t have a standard heating system. At first, I expected to hear a story about how his heating system stopped working and how hard it had been without a heating system. However, he told me that he prefers only using one small space heater. He doesn’t want a heating system, and he thinks that colder temperatures are more comfortable. I don’t know how anyone could be happy living where I live without a heating system, but I guess that you can find weirdos everywhere. I am glad that I have a heating system and that I don’t have to live like that! I am not a weirdo, and I have my heating system running to keep my house at a normal temperature.

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