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My car’s heating system is acting up

The heating system in my car is not acting properly, and I am getting very nervous.

Right now, my dad is completely bypassing the heating system because of what it is doing.

I have never had trouble with my heating system before. When I first bought this car, it had a great heating system. Sure, the car didn’t have a working air conditioner, but I already had a sporty car in the summer with an air conditioner. I was just looking for a junky old car with a working heater to get me through the winters. Sure, when I used the heating system in the car, it made my vehicle smell a little funny, but at least I was warm. Now, I can’t even heat my car. Recently, when I would turn on the heating system, my windows would begin to fog up. I noticed that the problem got even worse when I turned the heating system to the defog setting. My father told me that the antifreeze was being blown through my heating system. He knew how to fix it, but we didn’t have time, so he disconnected the heating system in my car. Sure, my car drives, but it is miserable without a heating system. I am always shaking so badly that I feel like I am going to wreck, and I have no way to melt the ice of my windows or to defog them. I hope that I am able to get my heating system working quickly, or I am not sure how long I am going to be able to drive this vehicle. Hopefully, I don’t have to wait until spring for my heating system to be fixed.

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