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Air conditioner quits during the night

I am quite fond of my dog, Lucky.

I always pay attention to Lucky’s behavior and expressions.

He has different barks, types of whines and positions of his tail to let me know what he wants. I have worked with professional dog trainers so that Lucky follows commands. They recommend it, but I allow my puppy to share the bed with me. He loves to cuddle, and having him on the bed comforts me. I sleep more soundly when the dog is next to me. I can tell that Lucky likes it too. He sees me brush my teeth and immediately jumps up on the bed and settles in for the night. A few weeks ago, my dog surprised me. Lucky woke me up at around 2 AM because he kept tossing and turning. He couldn’t get settled. I realized that the bedroom felt rather overheated and muggy. I checked the thermostat and despite the setting, the temperature was much higher than I like. I tried adjusting it and checked the batteries. That didn’t solve the issue. I then changed the air filter in the cooling unit. Although the filter was clogged with debris, replacing it didn’t seem to make much improvement. I didn’t want to pay for emergency repairs, so Lucky and I had to put up with the overheated conditions until the following day. I carried an old box fan down from the attic and got it running. I set the fan so it faced the bed. Since Lucky curled right in front of it, I didn’t get much cool air. It was a long and sticky rest of the night. The next day, I called several different HVAC companies and had trouble finding anyone willing to provide same-day service. I settled for scheduling repairs the following morning. Lucky and I spent another unpleasant night enduring the heat. Neither the dog or I got much sleep until the air conditioner was operational again.

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