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How do you maintain a house when you are out of shape?

How do people out of shape work on their house? They must spend a fortune hiring out people since they can’t physically do it.

I am constantly doing a project around my home.

I always have a moment where I am thankful that I am as fit as I am. I stretch everyday and do a range of cardio and weight training workouts. I even attend a fitness class at the local health center occasionally. Because I am flexible, strong and have good balance, I do a lot of stuff around the house myself. I gutted my entire master bathroom alone. I had to carry heavy pieces of drywall, cement and a busted vanity out by myself. I also had to shovel all the debris in garbage bags and take them to the curb. If I was out of shape, I couldn’t have done it in three days. I also would be so sore after one day of work. I have sanded and mudded the seams on my new drywall. The positions I put my body in are amazing. Frequently I will bend too far and nearly fall off my ladder. My leg muscles are strong enough and I am flexible enough to save myself from the fall. Even if I tumbled down, I know I could land right or even catch myself on my hands. Someone out of shape would really mangle themselves. Finally, even doing yard work is tiring. Raking, trimming and even pulling out shrubs is physically exhausting. Do out of shape people have really ugly yards?

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