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I don’t work out when I am at home

I am very content to just make dinner and watch TV

I have not gotten the best workouts due to COVID. Before the virus I would drive in early before work to beat rush hour. I then would take an hour long group physical class led by a personal trainer. I would get cardio, stretching and sometimes weight training in my house. I would do a class three times a week and the other two days I would swim in the gym’s pool. On the weekends I would feel fine doing a lazy work out like riding my bike or doing yoga. I was in very good shape and had so much energy. After doing an intense workout, my mind would be sharp. I could get my workload done in half the amount of time needed. Occasionally I would leave work early since I had nothing to do. I would beat traffic again and have the rest of my day. Well the virus has made it so I can’t go into the office anymore. I need to work from home. Now I have no reason to drive to the personal training center early in the morning. Instead I laze for hours in my bed until work is about to start. I am not productive during my day since I am tired and my muscles are tight. I really don’t feel like working out after a full day of working either. I am very content to just make dinner and watch TV. Obviously I have put on some weight and I don’t feel good about myself anymore. I need to make a new routine.


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