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I like a cooler temperature in the house

People always tell me that my home is freezing cold.

I tend to feel overheated. I like to set the thermostat no higher than 72 degrees. That’s the ideal temperature to keep me cool and happy. I stick with the same temperature no matter the time of year. It makes the a/c carry a heavier workload, especially on those really hot and humid afternoons. I think I save some money on heating bills. About a year ago, I asked a girlfriend to move in with me. We figured out pretty quickly that we had very different opinions on a comfortable temperature for the living environment. She complained that she was always cold. She’d wear her coat or a sweatshirt inside. Sometimes she’d wrap up in a blanket. I tried to compromise for her. I adjusted the thermostat setting a few degrees higher so she wasn’t shivering. However, the differences of opinion only got worse when we went to bed at night. I can’t sleep soundly in an overheated environment. I like to have a heavy blanket draped over me. If the temperature climbs above seventy-two degrees, I sweat like crazy. My girlfriend, on the other hand, claimed she could not fall asleep if she was even a little chilly. We tried all sorts of ideas to make concessions for each other. She bundled up in flannel pajamas and raised the setting on the heated blanket. I stripped down to underwear, kept a fan blowing at me and used only a thin sheet. Neither one of us slept very well. There was no way we could comfortably share the same bed or even the same bedroom to sleep at night. There were other arguments and problems with the relationship, so it fell apart rather quickly. I was not upset when she finally moved out. I was happier living alone because I can set the temperature on the thermostat where I prefer it.

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