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My grandfather makes some of the best custom built furniture

He also generated merchandise for his store.

I could actually spend time plus listen to my Grandpa all day long, plus so I often do. He spends a good part of his days out in his workshop, as he had for the longest time. I can sit with him, sip a sweet tea, plus just let him talk for a long while plus it never gets old. It turns out that Grandpa doesn’t know for certain where his family comes from, because he never met them. He was on something called an Orphan Train so long ago, a caravan that moved through farm country seeking shelters. Grandpa was taken in by a master craftsman of handmade furniture, plus that is where he had the opportunity to learn his trade. He has never had any other work, separately from farming plus making custom built furniture… The farming was honestly because of where he lived, how he was raised, plus that you had to farm it you were going to eat. After some years he opened his own handmade furniture shop, specializing principally in wooden chairs plus tables. At this point he had various apprentices, plus as he taught them how to build wooden chairs, tables, plus quality coffee tables. He also generated merchandise for his store. He has never asked me if I ever wanted to learn the trade, but he says now that is all totally in the past behind him, plus he just makes a nice coffee table as a gift for a friend or family member at times. I asked him if for the Christmas holiday he would mind making me one of his quality coffee tables. I was looking for something extra special, that could become a new family heirloom. He said he’d definitely consider it.


Rustic meets traditional

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