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New roof reduces workload for heating and cooling system

I waited for years before finally hiring a professional roofing company.

The roof on our residence was old and leaking. Every rainstorm, my wife and I would rush around arranging pots and pans to catch the drips. I worried that moisture was going to cause extensive damage if I didn’t get the problem repaired. I held off for so long because the roof had been patched so many times. I had been warned that the whole roof needed to be replaced. The roofers had no recourse but to tear everything completely off. They got down to the wooden studs. To lessen the risk of encountering rain, the job was scheduled at the end of July. As the hottest month of the year in my area, we avoided getting wet, but dealt with excessive heat and humidity. We were without air conditioning for weeks. During the day, the outside temperature soared into the high eighties and the home was unbearable. There was no relief from heat even at night. We also face high humidity levels, bugs, dirt, constant noise and all sorts of debris. It was a tedious and lengthy project. When the roofers ultimately packed up their tools, I couldn’t wait to start up the cooling system. I adjusted the thermostat and fully anticipated the air conditioner struggling to catch up. I expected a full before the home felt comfortable. I was surprised when we were perfectly cool within the hour. A new roof made the home so much more energy efficient. My monthly energy bills are significantly lower. Our living environment is cleaner, with healthier air quality and the heating and cooling system doesn’t run as often or as long.

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