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No air conditioning ruins wedding

My cousin Tina got married last spring.

She was a rather challenging bride.

My cousin came up with all sorts of extravagant requests. The dress, the bouquets, the cake and tuxedos were all special orders and the cost was huge. Tina also decided to book her ceremony and reception outside. She’d come across an open-air site nearby. The site is really beautiful. It includes a lovely little lake with ducks and blue herons. There’s a wooden dock extending out over the water. It’s surrounded by willow trees, buttercups and daisies. There is a gazebo that offers an ideal setting for photographs. However, this picturesque area doesn’t offer any possibility of escaping the weather. The only enclosed areas are the lavatories, bar area plus a kitchen/prep area that is off-limits. My whole family was against Tiny choosing this site. We warned her that the weather in the spring can be anything. We’ve gotten frost and freezing rain and needed to run our heater. We’ve seen temperatures in the low nineties with high humidity, making the air conditioner vital. Despite all of our advice, Tina booked the site. The morning of her wedding was sunny and clear. However, the temperature gradually climbed until it was well into the eighties. When Tina and her groom stood up for their vows, we would have loved to have access to air conditioning. The whole wedding party was dripping in sweat. The maid of honor got severely sunburned. The best man got stung by a bee. The flower girl fell in the water and the groom’s aunt stepped in duck poop. Most of the guests took off early due to the lack of temperature control.


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