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Struggling with a malfunctioning air conditioner at a funeral

He assured me that he had already called for repairs with a local HVAC professional

I attended a funeral last summer. A college buddy of mine, who had fought cancer for several few years, passed away. He’d been doing well on experimental medication but the cancer eventually spread. His close friends and family were well aware of his diagnosis and life expectancy, but the news of his death was still heartbreaking. The funeral was held at a local parlor and I made an effort to get there early to be of assistance to the family. As soon as I stepped inside the funeral parlor, I realized there was a problem with the temperature. The space was overheated and slightly sticky. I thought the temperature setting had probably been turned up over night, and they’d forgotten to lower it in the morning. The rooms weren’t sufficiently cool in anticipation for a large group of mourners. With sunshine pouring through the windows, the conditions were getting steadily worse. The family was in no shape to deal with it. I assured them I would find out the problem and handle it. I located a thermostat and adjusted the setting down to 71 degrees. The cooling system started up, but when I placed my hand against a supply air vent, the air coming out of it was rather warm. I then went to the actual unit and checked the condition of the air filter. It was totally overrun with dust and debris. After consulting with the funeral home direction, we installed a new air filter. I expected this to fix the problem, but when I checked the vent, the air felt only slightly cooler. There was minimal airflow. I knew the air conditioner wouldn’t be able to keep the venue cool once there were tons of people inside. I expressed my concerns to the funeral director. He assured me that he had already called for repairs with a local HVAC professional. A technician arrived a few minutes later. He took the cooling unit apart, cleaned the components and the air conditioner immediately began running properly. I was thankful there was one less thing for the family to worry about.

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