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Virtual personal training isn’t working for me

There are pros and cons to social distancing.

I like that I can get everything delivered to my home. I don’t have to grocery shop, go to the lady doctor, the bank or even a vet appointment anymore. Everything is virtual. However, my group fitness class athe personal training center is virtual and I don’t like it. Before I could drive to the gym, use the good showers and all the equipment there. Sometimes I would use the steam room, sauna and pool. Sometimes I would run on the treadmill. My favorite was the fitness class though. My personal trainer had all sorts of equipment for us to play with. I used kettlebells, weighted poles, wobble boards, jump ropes and even a rowing machine in my class before. I also had a partner to do drills with and that was fun. With the class being virtual, it is very limited. The personal trainer can’t have us do anything that requires equipment. Not all of us are prepared. We also can’t do partner work anymore. I am annoyed that my computer frequently shuts down or loses internet halfway into the lesson too. I am always experiencing technical difficulties. It is harder to hear corrections from my trainer too. I am hopeful that once the virus issue slows down I can have my in person class again. I want to see people, use equipment and actually get a good workout. Right now I am just sort of standing around, messing with my computer in my living room for an hour. I don’t feel good about that.

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