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Which gym should I stick with?

I have two gyms that I go to.

One is when I am being selfish and the other is when I have to get things done.

One gym is around 30 minutes away from my house. It has everything I could ever want in a personal training center. There are treadmills, ellipticals, rowing machines and stationary bikes. There is a pool, weight lifting section, yoga studio and even group fitness classes are offered. The locker rooms are cleaner with plenty of towels. The downside is that there is nothing near my gym. I literally spend an hour in the car just being selfish and getting a workout. I really should just go to the local gym that is around five minutes away from my house. It sits right near the grocery store, bank, post office and pizza parlor. I can work out, do all my errands and be home at the same time I would at the other gym. I accomplish so much more. However, the local gym is horrible. The locker rooms always have dirty showers and a toilet that doesn’t work. The equipment is typically out of order or partially broken. There are no fitness classes, places to stretch or even good air conditioning. I really don’t like working out there. But, sometimes I just can’t make myself do the drive and I want to do some type of workout. So I will force myself to go to the dirty gym and run on the treadmill with the frayed belt. Which gym is really better for me at the end of the day?


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