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How does an air handler work?

An air handler is the indoor component of a split Heating & A/C system that circulates conditioned air from an outdoor component throughout your living spaces.

An air handler component consists of an air filter, evaporator coil, blower motor, plus occasionally an electric heat strip, and in its operations, an air handler component includes a fan that blows air through the air filter plus then to the heat exchanger, however the fan in your air handler component pulls in conditioned air from your indoor space to begin the process, however some air handler units allow outside air into the system to ensure fresh, wipe air is brought into your living space instead of recycling stale air. This helps to reduce stale air plus the levels of carbon dioxide in your home, both the return air from your indoor space plus the outside air pass through a mixing plenum of your air handling unit, but here, they mix before passing through the rest of your system. The mixed air then passes through an air filter that traps particles in the air to detach them from your airstream… Filtration is a crucial aspect of this cooling process as it helps prevent mechanical issues originating from particle build-up plus improves your indoor air quality. The filtered air will then pass through your heat exincreasing coil, where it will be cooled or heated, depending on the type of air handler unit. Finally, the system will push the clean, conditioned air out of your component into your home. The process will then beginning again depending on your cooling needs.

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