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Elizabeth had to change the old AC unit that was using an R22 refrigerant

Elizabeth had always been diligent about the devices in her home.

She still had a lot of the appliances she’d bought a long time ago.

Most were in working condition, so she saw no need to replace them. However, times were changing, and she felt the need to upgrade. She began with some kitchen appliances then moved on to other parts of the house. The AC system was at the top of her list last year after getting some frightening news. Since she had an ageing air conditioning unit, it still used the dangerous R22 refrigerant. Elizabeth had never taken note of such an issue since her former AC company was always mending it periodically. However, that business was closed down, and Elizabeth had to find a new AC business to service the cooling unit in her home. That’s when the new AC technician made the shocking discovery on his first visit. He told Elizabeth the refrigerant would put her health at risk if she continued using it. It was better even to buy a new AC system and upgrade the one in her home. R22 refrigerant was known to cause health problems like nausea, headaches, eye irritation, vomiting, and even dizziness. Elizabeth confirmed she had been exhibiting some of the symptoms for a long time, but even her doctor wasn’t sure of the cause. She thanked the AC expert many times for the discovery and ordered his company for a new HVAC unit. The AC worker would install it after removing the old AC and doing some much-needed duct cleaning. The HVAC expert was happy with that news and even helped Elizabeth get a better deal for AC maintenance.
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