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I like to clean the coils on my window air conditioner once a year for prolonged usage

Everything in your house needs to be cleaned eventually, even if it’s only once a year.

There’s a reason why the term “spring cleaning” became a widely used phrase, especially as this marks the end of the heating season for many in the northern hemisphere.

But spring cleaning is not your normal house cleaning; it’s usually the time reserved for home organization, sanitation, and maintenance that only needs to be done annually. While some people clean their windows more frequently, others will do it only once a year if they do it at all. I also like to dust all of my walls and ceilings, especially if there are any cobwebs around light fixtures or a/c vents. If I stay on top of these chores, it keeps my house much cleaner on a day to day basis. When it affects my indoor air quality, it’s even more important. For instance, a window air conditioner gets affected by the moisture inside meeting the microbial content in your air going into the machine. That’s why it isn’t far-fetched to find mold on any air conditioner coil, whether it’s a window unit or a central HVAC system. To remove the mold when it appears, you can purchase an aerosol cleaning spray that is specially made for air conditioner and dehumidifier coils. If I make it a habit to treat my window air conditioner yearly with this cleaning spray, it makes it smell new again while removing any crud or microbial content. If I forget to do it, I start to notice a mildew odor coming out of the machine.

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