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I was really happy when my wife got me a pair of washable filters

For a long time I was always complaining about having to buy expensive air filters all the time only to have to throw them away.

My wife said it was important that we had good air quality in the home, which I agreed on.

I always thought there had to be a better option though. I was open to investing in a nice air purification system but realized we would have to change the air filters with that as well. I know that good air purification systems use HEPA filters and those are extra expensive. I know there are some air purifiers though that have pre-filters that help the main HEPA filter to last longer, so I think I might go for something like that eventually. Well, I was surprised recently when my wife brought home the most wonderful thing. She got a pair of washable filters and she said they are supposed to last for at least a year, but generally last longer if you wash them well and regularly. I said it was the best thing because we could easily just wash this thing each month and we wouldn’t have to throw our money out on disposable air filters. I also appreciated how easy it was to clean the washable filter and that thing has been lasting for a long time already. I honestly think this thing can last quite a few years so long as I stay on top of keeping it perfectly clean. It has amazing quality and it does pretty good at keeping the air quality nice. I suppose the MERV rating isn’t especially high, but as long as the washable filter works, that’s all that matters to me!
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