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I was so happy when I got my new UV air purifier after so much work

Back when I was in school, they told us to sign up for community service for our school projects.

I wasn’t sure what in the world I would do and then I spoke to my parents about it.

My mother wasn’t really sure what I should do either, but my father had a good idea. He said his friend was an HVAC professional and he was always asking if I could help him out with things. I said he probably had something that I could do and it would count for my community service. So I ended up working for this HVAC professional and he said he just needed me to hand out flyers to advertise their most recent specials. They were offering very low cost ductwork cleaning services and if people went for the ductwork, they would get a free UV air purifier! I thought it was a pretty sweet deal and I ended up speaking to a lot of the homeowners. They were surprised that I was so enthusiastic about good air quality. I was really into it because it actually made perfect sense to me. With the ductwork cleaning, you easily improve your indoor air quality and the UV air purifier works to kill harmful pathogens. I have to admit though, one large motivator was the fact that the HVAC professional said he would give me a free UV air purifier too if I managed to convince so many people to go for the ductwork cleaning services. I was able to get 30 people signed up in the month and he said that I earned my new air purifier. I got my credit for my school project for community service and the air purifier was the icing on the cake!

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