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It was nice visiting with my uncle, but he has a problem with his air quality

I honestly had a great time going to visit my uncle after so long, but I was surprised by the way he was living.

  • He still had a very old school look about his house which was cool, but the air quality was horrible.

Dust was all over the place and even when I sat on the couch, dust went flying everywhere. I apologized because he said he didn’t get a lot of company, but we had a good time talking regardless. We actually spent most of the time relaxing on the porch because it was a nice day and the air quality was so much better outside. I felt like I could actually breathe and it was nice catching up. I noticed the old dial thermostat that he was using and I told my uncle he could save a good amount of money on his energy bills by upgrading to a smart thermostat. He found that hard to believe but said he couldn’t afford anything fancy anyway. It was a shame because I felt like he was probably paying a fortune on his energy bills. His HVAC system was probably struggling because it was old and the ductwork had to be clogged up pretty bad. I mean that would explain why the air quality was so bad. I tried to talk him into at least having an HVAC professional come out to his place but he said everything was just fine and he could live with poor air quality. I think next time I go to visit, I’m bringing a box of air filters and a vacuum to help clean out the ductwork and get rid of all the dust.


It was nice visiting with my uncle, but he has a problem with his air quality

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