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My ex-girlfriend was way too controlling, but she was right about one thing

I’ve never been one to appreciate being told what to do.

I had enough of that when I was living with my parents, but it was nice to be free in my own apartment.

Well when I had my last girlfriend, I had to dump her. She kept telling me how the apartment should be decorated. She said that I should have the A/C system worked on because the temperature control settings were really lousy. She was talking trash on the air quality in my place and everything. I couldn’t deal with all that negativity and I told her to never come back. She said she was only trying to help me out but what she was doing was stressing me out. A little later when I finally had an HVAC professional come out, he said the HVAC maintenance needed to be more consistent since the HVAC was having numerous issues. I realized that my ex-girlfriend was right, I should have tried harder to take care of the HVAC system. The poor air quality was affecting my breathing and everything. I even called my ex-girlfriend back to tell her how she was right about how important it is to have air quality. She didn’t hang up but said I was an idiot for not listening to sound advice. When she tried to say we should go out again, I told her I was already moving along, and I just wanted to apologize to her. I couldn’t have her back in my life with her controlling attitude, but I had to get that off my chest!

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