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My HVAC system was naturally starting to die and I had to think about what to upgrade to

I wasn’t too thrilled with the performance of my HVAC in recent years. I was never told by the HVAC professionals that I should start saving for a new HVAC, but I supposed they figured that I already knew. I mean it was going on 13 years and these particular HVAC systems typically last 15 or so. I had regular HVAC maintenance and care though so I was hoping to get a little longer than 15 years from the system. Of course, I had already been saving for something better. Sadly, my HVAC died this past summer, but the HVAC professional said I should think of this as an opportunity. He said how the newer models of HVAC systems were so much more energy efficient. He also said if I went for a ductless mini split upgrade, I could have a nice HVAC system that lasted longer and was far more energy efficient. We’re talking about a system with a SEER rating of 24 which is rather impressive. The system he was telling me about also has variable speed technology which allows heating and cooling at different rates depending on the demands of the household. The best thing though was probably the different zones for customized temperature control settings. When I realized that I could always escape to a comfortable area in my house without fighting over temperature control settings, I was convinced I needed this system! I had it installed and it was everything I wanted. I also appreciate that it’s a smart system and I can adjust the temperature control settings remotely with my phone!

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