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The HVAC professional was going a little too above and beyond

I was growing suspicious when my wife was calling for HVAC system maintenance all the time.

I thought it was great that she took an interest in making sure the HVAC was properly taken care of, but I didn’t think we needed the maintenance as much as we were getting it.

She always insisted on being there for the HVAC appointments too so that I didn’t have to take off from work. Well, eventually I said that I would be there and she told me that was not necessary. She kept insisting that she take care of it, and I finally let in. I knew something had to be up though so I went back to the house early during the HVAC maintenance appointment. Imagine my horror when I caught them in our bed together! The HVAC professional was not supposed to be performing these types of services! I was so angry, but I didn’t know how to react. I wanted to beat the HVAC professional down, but I didn’t want to make this a bigger mess than what it was. He apologized and asked if he could still finish the HVAC maintenance work. I asked him, “Haven’t you done enough?” He ended up getting fired from the job and I made it clear that he was never going to see my wife again. She didn’t give me any problems but asked if we were going to be okay. I didn’t know if I wanted a divorce or what. I mean I love her, but I think I’m just going to need some time for awhile, until I sort this all out in my head.

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