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I didn't agree with the new furnace.

My HVAC technician kept trying to sell me on a brand new furnace.

Every time he came to the house for an inspection, to change an air filter, or make a repair, he would try to convince me I needed a new furnace. I was not sure I actually needed a new furnace, but he was the HVAC technician. I really thought he knew what he was talking about. If he thought we needed a new furnace, who was I to argue with him? Three days later, I had the HVAC contractor in my house looking at the ductwork and telling me what he thought we needed to make our house more efficient. He told me the ductwork was in excellent condition, but it needed to be cleaned. Once we got through the ductwork inspection, he asked if we had called anyone in to have the broken window repaired in the basement. With a broken window, much of our heat was escaping outside instead of being on the floor. The cold from the window was keeping our floors cold and the furnace had to work even harder. Before the HVAC contractor left, he had pointed out the broken window and several places where we needed to have the insulation replaced, and weatherstripping replaced. I asked him when we could get the new furnace, and he frowned. He said the furnace was also in excellent condition, but it was working overtime to make up for the condition of the windows and insulation. So…I didn’t need a new furnace? I couldn’t wait to call the HVAC company and tell them their HVAC tech didn’t know what he was talking about.

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