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I don't know if you realized it, but there is practically no dust in your air.

My mother was one of the pickiest people I have ever known.

  • When you talk about white glove inspections, my mom’s picture may come to mind.

Mom would come into my bedroom when I was younger and go over the bed posts and even under my bed, to search for hidden dust. I thought that once I moved out and had my own home, she would finally leave me alone, but I thought wrongly. The first year after being married, and living in my own home, mom would come over with her infamous white glove. She said that every man deserved to come home after a long day, and have a clean house and a good meal. After about nine months, we began having some problems with our furnace. We knew we needed a new HVAC system installed, even before we moved into the house. When we sat down to talk about the new HVAC system, we decided we wanted a ductless HVAC system. Not only did the ductless HVAC not need to have ductwork or air vents, but it was more efficient in every way. The plus for me was that there was very little dust or work that went with the ductless HVAC. About two weeks after our new HVAC system was installed, mom showed up to visit. She said she would like to stay for a while if I didn’t mind. She went around the house and checked all the spaces for dust. She turned to me and asked if I realized there was practically no dust in the air. She looked a bit upset for not finding dust, so I sat her down and told her the story.



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