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Moving and relying on heating system

A little over a year ago, my company offered me a promotion.

The new position provided a significant pay-raise and more prestigious title. However, taking the promotion required me to relocate. I grew up and went to school in the deep south. I’d lived my whole life taking the blue skies, sunshine, heat and humidity for granted. I was excited to move north and experience the change of seasons. I’d never seen snow before. I moved north in the late summer. I was amazed that I didn’t require air conditioning. I could spend time outside without sweating profusely. I thoroughly enjoy the arrival of fall. The change of the color of the leaves was just beautiful. The cool air was such a pleasure. I was delighted by the ripe apples, peppers, tomatoes, grapes and squash. At the start of winter, I immediately raised the thermostat setting. When the temperature dropped into the forties, I struggled to keep warm. The furnace was running constantly and yet I was constantly shivering. Unfortunately, the outside temperature kept falling until it was in the negative digits. I discovered that blasting the heating system at maximum capacity is extremely expensive. I spent hours shoveling the snow off the driveway, brushing it off the car and scraping ice off the windshield. Within a few hours, everything was covered in snow again. I couldn’t wear enough layers of sweaters, coats, hats and gloves to keep warm. It seemed as if the winter would never end. It was awful. I started putting applications into companies down south and was so thankful when I was able to move back to warmer weather.

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