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There are no substitutes for HVAC maintenance

I finally made it easy on myself and joined the HVAC service plan offered by the HVAC company we have used since we bought this house.

In fact, our HVAC professionals are the only HVAC professionals we’ve ever used.

My wife and I bought this house just after she got pregnant. Prior to that, we lived in a few different apartments while we were saving up to start a family. When we bought this house, we had to replace the HVAC equipment. This was actually sort of a lucky break as it turned out. We totally fell in love with the house the first time we walked in it. My wife and I had to use our best poker faces not to give away our feelings too soon. That approach actually worked in our favor when it came to making and offer and having it accepted. The HVAC equipment was clearly antiquated and the seller just didn’t want to have to deal with replacing the HVAC equipment. So we ended up getting a bunch of money off the final price of the home to replace the HVAC equipment ourselves. And we spent wisely. The HVAC unit we’ve had now for over 15 years is running just like it did right after being installed. And I also know that a big part of that has to do with the consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance that we have provided. I imagine that will get a very long life out of this HVAC equipment. But I’m convinced that wouldn’t be the case without the HVAC maintenance from our HVAC professionals.

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