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What HVAC company installed your heating system?

I was visiting my sister last week, and I noticed how comfortable her home felt.

There was no dust and the air smelled like fresh outdoor air.

The heating was so comfortable that I felt like it was spreading throughout my entire body. I walked over to the wall, expecting to find an air vent. Then I looked up at the ceiling, but there still wasn’t an air vent. I wanted to ask where the heat was coming from, but I didn’t want to sound rude. After half an hour of trying to puzzle this out, I finally figured this was my sister and I shouldn’t be embarrassed to ask her. After taking a deep breath, I asked her how she was able to get such amazing heating in her house. She chuckled and asked why I was scrutinizing her walls and floors? I was sure she knew what I was about to ask, because she was beaming with controlled laughter. I had to smile when I looked at the table and said I was looking for the air vents. She had the gall to ask if I had found any air vents? Finally, I had to look her in the eye and ask her when she had the new heating system installed, what kind of heating system it was, and what HVAC company she used? Once she began talking, I couldn’t shut her up. She raved about the local HVAC company and how they had told her about radiant heating. She said there were no air vents because the heating was under the floor. The heat radiated from the heat strips below and it heated every surface that touched it. I went home hoping my heating system would break down so I could purchase radiant heating.

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