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Enrolling the school for an a/c care program

The recital would be in the school auditorium. Every class had a presentation, and many preparations were taking place to make everything go as planned. As teachers, we had come up with a schedule of how the students would use the auditorium for the rehearsals. The presentations were a big deal since some students would get scholarships according to their performance. Since the hall would be fully packed, we had to ensure that the air quality would not be compromised even with it packed to capacity. Being the one in charge of the hall, I contacted the local service provider known for their quality ac service. I explained our situation to the air conditioning expert, and she told me the best thing was to have HVAC maintenance, and if there were anything else that needed solving, she would find out during the service. I suggested having an air purifier in the hall, but she told me that an indoor air cleaning system would be best since it was the first event where students, parents, teachers, and others would be gathering after the COVID-19 pandemic. The HVAC technician came three days before the event. She discovered that besides what we had talked about, the school air conditioning install also needed ductwork cleaning, and the ac filter needed replacement. During this period, I got to learn so much more about HVAC. To avoid future last-minute rushes, I enrolled the school in an a/c care program that would handle future a/c care. By the time the day of the event came, my head was buzzing with all kinds of scenes since I was present during most of the rehearsals, from plays to ballet, musicals, and more.

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