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My fiance moving in brought unforeseen changes especially where the air conditioning install was concerned

When my fiance moved in with me, there were many unforeseen changes.

She overtook most of the closet space, including the one in the guest bedroom. My vanity changed from having just three bottles, including my cologne, to having countless bottles and containers of all shapes and sizes. The first time I had to unblock the bathroom drainage, I was shocked by the amount of hair I found. Nevertheless, I loved seeing her stilettos next to my shoes on the shoe rack. Now and then, I tease her by saying that if we got broke and desperate, we would open a yard sale, and her shoes would be enough to get us out of a financial crisis. The unforeseen change was that we had to install an indoor air cleaning system. She had an air purifier, but that would not be enough. We were advised to by the air conditioning expert who came for the annual HVAC maintenance. We also had to replace the air filter two more times than I previously did in a year because she has two cats, and she moved in with them. My whole a/c care routine changed. The only thing that did not change was the local service provider I usually contacted because they provide quality ac service, and their a/c care program is top-notch. A week before she moved in, I had the HVAC technician conduct ductwork cleaning to ensure that the air quality would be welcoming on the day of her arrival. The best part is that she knows more about HVAC than I do, and because of that, I knew our air conditioning install was in good hands, but we would still need a professional now and then.


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